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What is God's commandment from the book of Genesis

Most people keep?

Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and fill the earth.

We are 7 billion strong!

Oh Give Thanks unto the LORD for He is good

The LORD is my Shepherd. I shall not want for He lay me down in green pastures. The grass is not greener on the other side.

Though I walk under the shadow of death He prepares meals for me in the midst of my enemies. His rod and His staff comfort me and protect me. Thank you LORD.

The Bible has been banned because of too much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Story of my Life

The Story of my Life

High School Was Fun For Me!

Part 1: Grades in High School did not matter to me

If they had programs like, “No Child Left Behind” when I was in public school I would have been left behind like so many other gifted children. I would not have grown up to be a Software/Hardware Analyst for two major companies.

Some time ago guy a walked up to me and said I could graduate without studying and doing homework. That was my calling so I relaxed and it worked! Some people call that an angel visitation.

Mostly I received a “D” in class. Most people did not realize a “D” is a passing grade. On my report card some teachers reported I had missed several days in class, a lot. My Dad just looked and me and then signed it. He knew I wasn’t at home or ditched classes. Man, he would have kicked my butt. Back in the day the school knew how intelligent you were. I was in a regular class. It was kind of dumb. A counselor talked to me in class and asked me if I wanted to stay in that class. I said no and ended up taking college prep classes. However I still received mostly “D’s.

Part 2: Special girls meant something to me

I flirted with the girl next to me and she invited me to study with her at her home. I freaked out. Not because she was pretty but she would find out my secret. I didn’t do homework! Plus she lived in Baldwin Hills where the rich Black people lived. Imagine me, if my Dad would let me, me driving his old clunker to her house!

I joined the Apex program where I took classes a Crenshaw High School. I met a pretty girl who lived in Baldwin Hills also. In 1972 I bought a new Ford into with Mag Rems. That was the thing back then. She invited me to her house. I drove her to the beach and we made out somewhat looking at the view. She said I should have waited for you.

Most guys in Baldwin Hills drove their Daddy’s Cadillac or T-Bird’s. Later at her house or another day I thought, “Boy, I had never seen such luxury!” But I was cool, that is my nature, girls like that, but they can read my face. We sat in the sitting room quietly talking until midnight when I turned into a pumpkin. Her Dad asked me to leave.
They were both Diva’s.

Part 3: My buddy and his “A’s”

My buddy would have his mother come to High School and talk to his teacher, counselors, and the Principle because he wanted “A’s.” He went straight to college, graduated in 1971, got a job at the Post Office in the mail room, and became a drug addict big time. I on the other hand graduated and worked my way up the corporate ladder. BofA said I needed to graduate from college to have a career and get promoted. So I took the classes I completed the classes I liked and would withdraw from the others.  I don’t know how my buddy knew this but he told me I can’t withdraw from so many classes. So, I went to several Community Colleges and became. Every once and a while my manager asked me when I would graduate from college. I always said two years and he would leave alone for a while. After they transferred me to the Main Data Processing Center in S.F. to be an IT Professional no one asked me that question again. But I continued on the education route like BofA IT and sent to classes all across the country. You could not learn software and hardware like I did in any college. I had to use it on the job.

Oh well, my buddy quit most of his drugs and is in pretty good health and I am not.  He inherited his moms house, he never left home and married a 50 year old woman. Selah.

Part 4: We all had this one teacher that we will never forget. Mine was Mrs. Sherman

We either had a positive or negative experience with this one teacher. I don’t know if I had negative or positive experience with her. Let me tell you why by giving my qualifications first, I attract Drama Queens and Diva’s. I think they are so much fun! I like to play with them regardless of the consequences I must endure. Enough said about that but hopefully you will discover why I say this when you read on.

This teacher I will talk about most definitely was a Drama Queen. I had two teachers in High School that were Drama Queens but I will just talk about my geometry teacher, Mrs. Sherman.

Now, I was a math major and I found geometry to be very interesting and enlightening. So listened closely and I learned a lot. Geometry is about angles. The kids used to instead of the word “geometry” say, “Gee, I’m a tree” in jest.

I used geometry in practice when I played billiards what we called pool. I would look at the ball I wanted to go into a pocket, mark the spot mentally that I would have to hit to drive it straight in, and hit that spot with the cue ball. It was simply done and I made a number of shots on an un-crowded pool table to the amazement of my friends. Most times it did not work because of the other balls on the table and I could not hit the right spot. In life you have to find out what the angle is others are coming from whether it is politics, religion, advertisement, woman and girls, men, etc. and decide what angle is most effective for you to uyse.

Back to Mrs. Sherman: She would always say of me, “See, he got it right and he’s failing the class!” That became Mrs. Sherman’s mantra. Obviously she did not take TM Transcendental Meditation like my buddy. He said students of TM could only tell 3 people their mantra. He wanted to tell me his mantra but I said no having thought better of it. I thought, “Is this some kind of a trap?”

Mrs. Sherman shared her mantra with the whole class! Her mantra was me, “See, he got it right and he’s failing the class!” It became a chant she loved to use so many times any other person would complain to a counselor or another authority figure. But she was talking about me! And I like Divas’ and Drama Queen’s so I enjoyed it. I just had to be cool. I did not know how long she would do it and where she was going with this thing. Talk about free entertainment! I did not have to do practically anything but go to class and be myself.

At least I thought so. I stopped trying to figure it out but I still set them off and I have no idea what I do that sets Drams Queens off or excites them. I have to take the time, paying them much attention, when they want it. Eventually I figure out the right thing to say to them I front of others, or while we are alone together, or on the phone! Maybe they love me because I won’t stop trying.

Now, I know she was talking more about the other students in her class who got better grades than I did. They could not solve her chalk board problems when I could. And then she would say, “See, he got it right and he’s failing the class!” I had to get Mrs. Sherman back and I finally did but I will tell you how later in this story.

My Drama Queen ex-girlfriend in CA, I live in MS now half way across the country, only said that I’m a good man and handsome. I told her, “Yeah, that and $.50 will get me a bus ride!” She laughed.

TM was only one of the many therapeutic disciplines of the 70’s. Primal Scream Therapy was quite popular too. Is that what Drams Queens practice? Only one has survived to 2015, Yoga. Men have a different anatomy than women. And it seems to me if I perform some of the Yoga exercises I would hurt myself.

Even a counselor would sit in the back of her classroom on occasion and heard how she talked to me. It seemed like he wanted to talk to me about something but I would not talk to him.

Mrs. Sherman finally gave me an opportunity to exact revenge. I had to enact my plan as soon as possible. I was chewing gum in class and she shouted, “If you chew gum in my class you have to give some to everyone!” That was the ticket. So I waited about a week, took my lunch money a quarter, bought 5 packs of gum, and took them to her class. I began to chew a piece of gum acting like I was trying to hide the fact I was chewing gum and Mrs. Sherman shouted, “If you chew gum in my class you have to give some to everyone!”  

You know what I did. I stood up and began handing out gum to everyone in her class that would take a piece. The class was in an uproar, laughing and shouting as I opened one pack after another. Then I took my seat and continued chewing my gum without trying to hide the fact that I was chewing gum. Mrs. Sherman quietly spoke to me and asked not to chew gum in her class. So I obeyed her, and took the gum out of my mouth, and wrapped in the foil it came with. Most kids just stick gum under the table top of their desk. There is a lot of gum under the table top of desks.

Now it as time to talk to the counselor the next time he sat in the back of her room. He asked me if I wanted to go to summer school and I said yes. The summer school geometry class was full of students. I received an “F” from Mrs. Sherman but a “C” in summer school.

Part 5: Mrs. Sherman and my girlfriend

My girl also took geometry with Mrs. Sherman. Se had me tutor her and I guess she got “A’s.” Then one day I wanted to go to Control Data School to learn computers to get a job in the computer field. I passed the math test with flying colors and they were excited about me attending.

But I had one question I was troubled about and they did not have an answer. I asked them, “Do computer care about my age?” In other words could I get a job in the computer field job at my age? So I did not attend.

Meanwhile my girlfriend told Mrs. Sherman that I was in computer school. Mrs. Sherman was so proud of me she was beaming. Now I was one of her favorite students. My girlfriend received an “A” from Mrs. Sherman in geometry. My girlfriend was a smart little cookie! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Things I Write About Love

Things I Write About Love

You can receive love and you can give love. It is all about love. People come in and out of your life that you love and they stay in your heart. That enables you to love one another that much stronger. That makes it easier to love. That increases your strength and well being. Many people I have loved are still in my heart and I still love them even though we parted our ways, even if they are dearly departed.

I think about them some more often than not. I think about the recent departed even more. It takes a while but I get used to their presence not being here. It is like that in my life maybe yours too. May I comfort you with these words that comfort me today, hopefully in some kind of way? I’m not talking about making love or am I talking about making love also?

How many days of the week do you want to make love to the person you love anyway? You can make love to the one you love and it does have to involve sex. Often times I want to just be with the woman I love. Her presence is enough. Her scent, the way she talks to me, the way I talk to her is enough. The Song of Solomon is mostly just talk between him and the Shulamite woman, eight erotic chapters. It’s true. We are not machines with an on and off switch to make love.

I miss the women I love and I am sure they miss me too. We still think about each other. To love, and make love, makes for a bond that last a lifetime, maybe forever. You can make love to women just by talking to them if they like how you talk and listen to her.

I’m old school. We speak a different language than the youth of today. We can speak a language of love using subtleties and inferences. We don’t have to say words that directly say what we mean but indirectly say what women like to hear.  But sometimes women like to talk about sex and she directs the conversation that way, especially if we bonded. She likes to hear about how I made love to her and how much I enjoyed it. I might say that she is the best lover I ever had and she being coy she might say that I am one of the best lovers she ever had. Or she might be serious but I am not offended because she is a woman.

Why am I writing this today? The second one of my loves has parted her way. My first love since moving here parted her way some time ago. And I am feeling love and still loved, and missing them. We parted ways suddenly but amiably. They left me with a broken heart. I often kid and kid myself that it is because my heart has been broken by so many women so many times I now have 3, count them 3, cardiologists!

It is truly better to have loved and to receive love than to have not loved and received love at all. I don’t know where my lover’s came from, why they departed, even when and if I will see them again. And I don’t when and if I will have another lover. I don’t know where to find them. They just show up.

There is no professional counseling or non-professional counseling for lovers. And love is the strongest bond between a man and a woman from the beginning of creation. I like to repeat, there are over 7 billion people of planet earth and growing. Many if not most people have been or are in love.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Dad the Buffalo Soldier WWII

My Black History Month contribution:

My Dad Trooper Oliver Muldrew Jr. served in WWII in the Tenth Cavalry Regiment from 1941 to 1944 with the rank of Staff/Sgt. as a Buffalo Soldier. Buffalo Soldiers were so named by American Indians because of their hair which was like buffalo hair and their tenacity, fighting spirit, when backed into a corner. They were also peace makers between the Whites and the American Indians. They are peaces maker now.

A few Black men became highly educated with advanced degrees before joining the service to educate Black men who had not the opportunity to get a formal education. Some Buffalo Soldiers were Chaplains, Pastors, who were in the service of the Lord. I am a card carrying Buffalo Soldier Chaplain. I joined as a family member. Family members and others are keeping their memory alive and doing a good work.

I was surprised to find out I was a Buffalo Soldier Chaplain. While I attended Bible College in my last year I took a 7 week extended unit of Clinical Pastoral Education and became a Chaplain. I graduated from Bible College. I am highly educated even in computer software and hardware. I logged on to obeying my Dad. What an education I got and imagine how I felt to find out what God had planned for me and prepared me for all of my life!

TROOPER OLIVER MULDREW JR After graduation from High School, I decided to go to work instead of going to college because of my draft register status. 

I was drafted into the military in 1941, and inducted into the 10th Cavalry March 5,1941,and shipped to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, then to Camp Funston, Kansas for extensive training 

I was trained as a radio operator. The training was held at Midland Radio School in Kansas City, Missouri for three months and I was taught Morse Code; radio maintenance and related subjects. Upon graduation, myself and three other soldiers returned to Camp Funston

As soon as we returned to Camp Funston we were assigned to go on maneuvers to Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. We trained under full battle conditions with related groups of the 2nd Cavalry Division. After extensive training we returned to Camp Funston and made preparations to move to Camp Lockett, California for modern warfare training for two years. 

Our responsibilities at Camp Lockett, which was in the state of California, and adjacent to the Mexican border, were to protect the interest of the United States southern border against invasion of our enemies Japan or Germany

We trained at Camp Lockett in preparation for overseas duty. A decision was made by the high command to deactivate the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments upon our arrival in Oran, North Africa.

As a result of this, the lower ranking personnel in the 10th Cavalry were chosen to be Service Soldiers and the non-commissioned officers had the responsibility for shipping and replacement of service units to be used in other areas.

The port battalions and other service units were required by the military receiving command to be stationed in Italy.

We worked out of Naples, Italy, and the site was known as replacement depot("repo depo"). We spent most of our time taking care of needs of the soldiers stationed there. 

After we stay in Italy for two years, I was discharged in December 1945 from Fort Leonardwood in Bitterwood Missouri.

Trooper Muldrew lives in Los Angeles California. He has retired from US Postal Service. You can find him taking pictures of the LA Chapter's events. He is an active member of Los Angeles Chapter of the Ninth & Tenth (Horse) Cavalry Association.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Don’t count Santa Claus out yet…

Don’t count 
Santa Claus out yet…
What is so Merry about Christmas?
The Ho, Ho, Ho?

In believing the unseen
Can begin with Santa Claus, even God

Can begin with your believing
You will have a Merry Christmas

Hope fulfilled
Is like
When you receive
Christmas presents
Then you can hope for more presents
Next Christmas

Faith is built around
Christmas time
In Jesus and Santa Claus

Jesus is the reason for the season,
And every season

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas to one and all
For we celebrate on Christmas day
That God has given us His
Only begotten Son, Jesus

Salvation is the gift that only Jesus brings.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014



There is a season for silence
There is a season for speaking
Seasons change daily
Seasons change during day or night

I have air conditioning
I have heating
I change the seasons in my hotel room

Sometime springtime warm
Sometime summer hot
Sometime fall cool
Sometime winter cold

There is a season for everything
King Solomon

Silence is golden

Monday, November 17, 2014


They should think on these things.

Israel had not become tiny until God downsized because of their disobedience to God. Remember their first king Saul? He was disobedient to God and lost his kingship. God through the Profit Samuel told Saul to kill God’s entire enemy’s including the king but he was disobedient He spared the king and some animals.

In like manner, the Hebrew people, Israel arrived at the promise land, the land of the Canaanites. God told them to kill all of the inhabitants but like King Saul they spared some.  They lost the Promised Land.

If you can still find a map it will show you how the lot land was divvied up by lot and 11 of the 12 tribes of Israel got a portion of land.  The land was called Israel after Jacob. Jacob’s name was changed by God to Israel.

However, God did make a promise to Israel that they would return to their land although just a small strip of land they occupy. He fulfilled that promise in to return in1948. But after the German Nazi Holocaust when 5 million of Jews died in gas chambers before the rest of the world took notice and ended the genocide.  

So why are Ishmael and Esau trying to kill all of Israel when they are the son’s of Abram? Well, the promised seed Jesus came through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). Ishmael and Esau are not of the promised seed Jesus. Therefore, Ishmael and Esau hate Israel, Christians, and Jesus. Like all unbelievers they need Jesus, and by Go’s revelation that Jesus is the son of God. God has to save them.

They are still pagans but they say lately they have one god. They used to have a million of them. The Koran was written over 700 years after the Bible was completed and the cannon were closed. That is why some accounts and characters are similar.

They changed Scripture and anyone who does so, even one jot or tittle is under a curse and changes the prophetic messages of the Bible.. Ishmael is a thorn in the side of every nation. That is why they have no problem in killing their own.

Another fulfill of prophecy they will not be able to stop. There over 5 million that fit in the bomb shelters at one time. But how Jews will many will it take and the end of the age? Only 144,000 from every tribe and they are already there n place on that tiny strip of land they occupy. And they are protected from God from being wiped out, even from their evil doer next door neighbors.

If the US and other countries refuse to rebuild the Gaza strip and don’t let the Hamas return to bomb Israel, they may avoid sudden destruction. Or is it to late for them to believe, trust God, and pray for Israel. They should think on these things: If they humble themselves, pray, and seek God’s face, God will heal they land.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Who Are The Seventy?

Who Are The Seventy?
Luke 9:1-5

We know much about the 12 disciples who became the first Apostles. We know much about Saul who name was changed to Paul. Jesus made him the first Apostle after He was seated on the right hand of the Father according to Ephesians 4:11.

The 12 were sent 2 by 2 on a mission by Jesus.

The Apostle Paul was sent on a missionary journey throughout the land with himself and another. He had to travel sometimes alone.

But who were the 70? Did they hang out with and were taught by Jesus for 3 ½ years like the 12? Like the Apostles who were sent on a mission 2 by 2 they were sent on a mission 2 by 2. And they were also endued with the power of the Holy Ghost such that they could cast out demons and bring down strongholds, and do miracles and healings.

Also, they had this power before the day of Pentecost, Jesus was still alive! Why did Jesus call them to have this special ministry and power that the Apostles had? Nobody could do them any harm. If their peace was not returned they were instructed to wipe the dust off their feet and go to another city. Jesus said of those in the last days it would be worst for them than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jesus only said of the 70 that their names were written in the book of life. They returned to Jesus saying what they did and Jesus said He saw Satan fall from the sky. He did not say He caused Satan to fall from the sky. All the Apostles suffered and died or were killed. There is no mention of the 70 suffering and being killed. What else did they do after returning to Jesus?

The Church today likes to go out with many numbers to save souls and invite people to their Church. But there is a vast difference between the ministries of the 70 which would stay in homes teaching the Bible. Church groups stop by homes for a chat. When they go in groups they won’t teach much from the Bible for fear they might get the door slammed in their faces. And many are not equipped to teach or defend the Bible (apologetics).

Where are the 70 today? I sometimes feel like the Prophet Elijah who ran 40 miles to the mountain of God asking of God, “Am I the Only One?” At least the Apostles, Evangelists, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, the 70, and the Church get to fellowship with each other. Even Jesus traveled with His 12 disciples, His mother Mary, and His brothers and sisters.

I’m just a Chaplain on the block and Chaplains don’t often have the privilege to fellowship with other Chaplains. They like me often have to go alone. Don’t get the wrong impression, I like being a Chaplain. A Chaplain is a helps ministry and an incognito Pastor. Some never see me coming or going or recognize my ministry even after I speak. I don’t where a suit and tie.  

Well, Chaplains do have the Church and the Church is people. Often we don’t have an office in a Church but a good Pastor will acknowledge my anointing and some members too. I can fellowship and minister anywhere and at anytime and by any means. Thanks to current technology, I can fellowship anywhere in the world by computer without the expense of traveling.

One woman who became aware of who I am, and what I do said that I am accountable to God only. I am free and my ministry is free. Freely you receive freely you give.

But some people are a real problem for me. I don’t minster in Church buildings exclusively so I don’t have them to protect me. I have a Public Ministry like Jesus Christ and people can say anything to me they like. Some times they have cruel words. Sometimes they control my life or try to. Read what they said to and about Jesus. I only had to literally dust off my feet one time. Shortly afterwards a buddy came down the elevator to the first floor and dusted his feet off too.

Thank you Jesus

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Moral Relativism

Moral Relativism

Moral relativism is not new concept, even though it is now the rule rather than the exception in colleges and universities today. It began when man decided that their own belief systems were greater than Gods. They denied the God given reality and came up with reality they preferred according to their desires. Now everyone has a reality of their own, hence moral relativism. Hey, it is all relative! It is all good! Out with the bad in with the good!

Man began creating their own gods of earthly materials, in their own likeness or those of animals. They felt it was morally acceptable to worship who they chose and as they wanted.

Now we have all faith’s services. There people believe they can reconcile their belief differences. That every belief system can worship together. That they all can be included in one service in spite of their differences or the gods they worship by not considering the differences. It is kind of like mixing all the wrong ingredients together and calling the results a cake!

They have made a religion of free choice with no absolutes, and hold religious activities. They believe they have resolved their obvious differences by ignoring them or accepting them.

This reminds me of a philosophy of the 70’s, “I’m okay and you’re okay.” This is not okay with God. They are not worshiping him alone. With this as their philosophical premise they can worship different gods without any contention.

Each is allowed to express their beliefs at the same podium, in the same forum and disagree, with one exception, you can't be a Christian. They say to be Christian's are too narrow minded. There has to be more than one god because that would exclude all of them their religions.

So not only do we have all the wrong ingredients mixed together but the main ingredient is intentionally left out, the BAM! And they still want to call the result a cake. Let me make it plain, they want to call their services Church but they leave out Christ and the Church!

That is an oxymoron for none of them believe the same. Each is narrow in their beliefs for they have to leave out so much of what God has to say in his word the Bible. And each of them condemns the other just by the fact they don't truly agree with each other. They just agree to not agree, and they agree to not discuss their disagreements, so they can combine their religious services to include as many dissimilar people as they possibly can. Are their combined forces a frontal attack or defense against the Church of Jesus Christ?

To be honest, I don't know how they can hold services together, and not say anything about their differences, especially without questioning anything including their motives. Why have they decided to suddenly hold services together? That would bother’s me.

Well, the Bible says that God haters would rather believe a lie than the truth. And that God even sent them a strong delusion so they would believe a lie, much like He hardened Pharaoh’s already hard heart. See how important it is to read not only study Bible prophecy but the entire Bible?

I attended an outdoor gospel festival where an all faiths singing group was allowed to perform. It irritated me when someone announced, "Now we are going to sing a song for the Christians." I thought, “What’s up with that?” As if they had the right spirit to do so that would be pleasing to our jealous God! You must be born again! The one who said don’t worship other gods before me!” Was God second, third, fourth on their list to worship? And I thought, “Oh, was God an after thought? Are they going to attempt to sing a song for each religion represented there?”

They did not announce any others. Why did they single out the Christian faith? A couple of their representatives then came and laid on the grass in front of us a lady friend and I. Boy, even Sodom was represented. What faith did they represent? There faith in Satan?

As I sat elsewhere listening to a Praise and Worship CD with my headphones on, a few of the all faith’s people came nearby as if drawn, and wondered what spirit they came in. And I thanked the LORD that he said if I be lifted up I will draw all men, women, and children unto me. The Bible says to be strong and to be bold for the LORD our God is with thee.

We used to sing we are to go into the enemy’s camp and take back what he stole. I’m about redeeming stolen souls the ones that won’t go, or can’t go into the right buildings. And the LORD does add daily unto the church, such as should be saved.

They each exclude or nullify the others belief systems by their doctrines. But that is OK with them as long as no one identifies the differences as being problematic. So called Christians are allowed to speak if the word of God expressed does not condemn or convict them and they are also accepting of the differences. There are lots of ways to misinterpret the Bible intentionally.

The word of God is sharper than any two edged sword and it hurts when spoken, written or even thought about. They can not stand in its presence. They claim to be broadminded but actually they are so narrow minded they wont included Christian thoughts in any form or fashion for this reason.

The form of religion they practice is called moral relativism, the belief that your religion is true and my religion is true even though they are in opposition to each other. They really don’t believe that anything is true or absolute truth.

They are so narrow minded that they feel they must remove any symbols of Christianity that have existed since the foundation of this nation and they deny that Christianity had any influence in the foundation or development of this country. This statement alone should convince you just how confused they are!

The Declaration of Independence was written by people of Christian faith who represented the original 13 states. These people were dissenters from the current government and wanted to form one of their own. The Declaration of Independence states that the 13 original states unanimously agreed that they were all created by a Creator, God. You only have to read the first page to find this out.

Why doesn't anyone quote from it as their proof text that America was founded as a Christian nation breaking free from a Nation (England) that had no separation of Church and state like Islam. There still is no separation of Church and state in England today! Why do they claim that America has no separation of Church and state? They lie and the truth is not in them. They are trying to foster a religion or a belief ignoring the facts. They have many supporters including the media who support their lies.

The institution of slavery was taught as being supported by Bible verses. Today, the institution of employment is taught as being supported by the same Bible verses in Church. It is taught we are to serve our employers like our masters I’ve heard preached. And then and even now, people seek comfort in Christian beliefs found in the Bible. Even those who were opposed to slavery sought comfort and answers in the Bible.

The Declaration of Independence states that men and women were created equal, and we were and continue to be. The Bible says that there is no Jew or Greek, man or woman, poor or rich, master or slave, or pigmentation. We are all equal in the sight of God.

However there are distinct differences. Paul asked the question, do we all speak in tongues, prophecy, heal? Are we all Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers? Are we all Gods children?

There is a difference in Gods eyes between his children and the children of the Devil. In the book of John, Jesus had a confrontation with some religious leaders, the Pharisees. They accused Jesus, the son of God, God in the flesh, of having a devil. Jesus in turn said they don’t know who he is because their father was the Devil. Who do you think was right? That is an important question and the dividing line between children of God and children of the Devil.

Moral relativists want to exclude Jesus feeling that Jesus has excluded them because he wants to influence them. He wants to change them. He wants to be their LORD and Savior. He wants their only God be in three persons, the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. He wants to make them born again. He wants them to become his relative.

Presently he is not their relative. Who knows what morals are anyway them or Gods? Does anyone really know what is moral is or has God decided? Does God reveal what moral is in his written word the Bible? Yes. But he does not reveal it to everyone who reads it. Unless he does you won’t get it. Everything of God must be revealed by God, even our salvation.

Jesus told Peter that no man convinced him that Jesus is LORD the son of God, God in the flesh. No man can. Only the father can. It was revealed to him by the God the father. And God the father chose not to reveal this to others. Peter heard others call Jesus everything else but the son of God. People today call Jesus everything else but the son of God.

Not everyone will receive or believe unto salvation, for not all people will enter into Gods pasture, and neither will they enter into everlasting life. But those who know His voice have been chosen in him before the foundation of the earth. That is what all faiths, atheists, agnostics, and other non-Christian religions don’t like.

That is why Christians are called “Too narrow minded.” They want to make it into heaven of their own accord and their own way. What’s God got to do with it? Everything! For God is LOVE, and everyone that loves knows God. If you don’t love Gods written word you don’t love God. You don’t know who He is. He is revealed in his written word the Bible. If you don’t love God you don’t love people. Jesus said all of the law can be summed up in these two commandments, love God and love people and that includes love yourself. That is not being narrow minded for Gods word says we are even to love our enemies.

Have you read how his people behaved in the Old Testament? Some would have stopped David and Bathsheba from committing adultery and murdering her husband before they got married. It was not possible for them to be aware that thousands of years later Jesus would be their descendant! In fact some people still condemn them and others today, having not this information revealed to them. No matter how many times they read and discuss it. They just can’t get it!

They had no way of knowing that Mary’s Joseph would come from King Solomon who was born of this union of David and Bathsheba! They had no way of knowing Joseph’s Mary would come from Nathan who was born of this union of David and Bathsheba! They had no way of knowing that their son Solomon would be chosen of God to build God’s temple on the sight he revealed to David his father.

There is no way we can possibly know all the pieces of Gods plans and how they fit together from our human vantage point. Our clocks run out of time too soon, we die. Boy, are we ever so smart! It is a good thing that God is in control, lives for eternity, and we don’t have the will, understanding, or ability to stop His program.

That is why he keeps many of us young minded, dumbfounded, and having fun. Some people think they have the free will to just do as they choose, and they have the free will do anything they want, and they can’t be convinced otherwise even by Scripture. It takes the Holy Spirits leading to guide them unto all truths.

They are like little children who are placed in a sandbox and allowed playtime. Except they don’t know they have been placed there and some of them are real old. And every once and a while, God tosses in new toys to play and keep them happy.

What is relativism anyway? Is it the act of making relatives? Is it becoming adopted? Is it to influence or disciple others? That would make them followers. And they would be followers of whom the primary relative is Jesus? Now that is divine moral relativism. 

Do they have a different theory of relativity? Obviously!

Jesus was raised in a Ghetto

Jesus was raised in a Ghetto

Yes, Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but as someone I heard preached, "Jesus was born in a barn in a backyard!" Jesus was not born in a home or an Inn. This nugget added fuel to a thought I was developing which is often the case when Preachers listen to other Preachers. What some may not be aware of is that, “Jesus was raised in a Ghetto!”

There was a class structure among Gods people in place long before the birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. The Jewish leaders considered themselves to be the upper class or the elite. They believed they were educated and the outstanding members in society, and they were above everyone else. They refused to speak the language of common people. It was considered profane and vulgar.

There was a middle class of people they considered to be just below them, that were subject to their dictates. They probably were the Samaritans. They would have dealings with them in day to day matters.

However there was also a lower class of people than them, uneducated, who spoke a common language that offended their refined ears. Perhaps the gentiles were included in this class. The upper class with all their education could not understand them. They refused to learn the language and it was not allowed to be spoken among them. They did not want to have any personal dealings with these people. They were the poor and the homeless, the common people. The upper class Jews would employ the middle class people to conduct day to day business with them.

And guess who some of those lower class, common people were? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count. Nazarene’s, the people of Nazareth! As far as the upper class Jews were concerned, nothing good comes out of Nazareth

No wonder they did not like this young man who showed up. And not only did he show up he corrected them on the finer points of the law! What an insult. This commoner from Nazareth did not attend their institutes of higher learning. This commoner from Nazareth had not placed himself under submission to the teachings of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and the High Priest. Who was this young upstart from the Ghetto? None other than Jesus!

Because Jesus was raised in the Ghetto, Jesus had a Ghetto mentality. And as you know, you can take a man out of the Ghetto, but you can’t take the Ghetto out of a man. Jesus has a heart for Ghetto people and the Ghetto life where people care for one another, and depend on each other just to survive. The Ghetto prepared him to live anywhere, submit to authority, accept what was freely given to him, and he took joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Jesus was raised in the Ghetto because he came for Ghetto people, those who were poor in spirit. He came to give them life, and life more abundantly. Oh how hard it is for the elite and middle class to enter the kingdom of God. But with God all things are possible, even salvation.
Those who are rich don't know they need a Savior and are harder to reach.

They don’t think they need someone to supply all of their needs. They don’t know why they keep striving to meet their own needs and can’t because their needs are spiritual. Those who are rich have a problem with those who are poor.

They ask themselves questions like this: How can the poor be content no matter what their circumstances are? Why don’t the poor get a real job like them and buy nice things like them? And then they won’t offer the poor employment opportunities that would allow the poor to live like the middle and upper class people. And if the poor become thieves they wonder why, and have them arrested and punished.

Jesus came as a thief. He became flesh to be among us but the world was unaware of who he was. The children of God were expecting him though. Some even met him in the barn he was born in, and at Jacobs well where he came to visit them the Samaritan’s.

Jesus lived like a thief. He delivered souls from the devil’s grip, and set them free from their captivity. He gave them a clear conscience of sin by his shed blood that the blood of animal sacrifices could not do.

Jesus will return as a thief.  As a thief in the night to those who do not believe. No one knows the day or the hour of his return. But to those who do believe he will not return at a time they don’t expect him. We are always in a state of expectancy of his return. We will recognize the signs of his return and will be anxiously waiting.

The apostles asked Jesus what will be the signs of his coming. And every once and a while we become over zealous as if he might return any minute! This is yet another of his signs to us the soon coming King of kings and LORD of lords, Jesus. Those who don’t believe fear his return and place guards even today at his empty tomb!

Jesus is coming back for those who have the mind of Christ and King Jesus had a Ghetto mentality. Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus. It is not we that lives but Christ in us, the hope of glory.

Be mindful that Jesus is coming soon. What is the day, month, year, hour he will return? No one will know until it happens and all eyes will see him. A five minute delay or more on all live broadcasts will not prevent this. He did not need our technology when he spoke all things into existence and created man, woman, beast, and all creepy things upon the earth.

I believe John said it best in the book of the Revelation being convicted as well as submitted. Can you imagine what he went through writing that book? What an experience! Who would argue or question God after that? Christ said he was coming soon and all John could say was, “Even so LORD, come.”

John was too humbled to ask what soon meant. He probably did not understand much of what he wrote anyway nor could he explain it to others of his time.

Balaam's Abuse of Privilege

Balaam's Abuse of Privilege

Balaam, a Prophet none the less took advantage of a people’s ignorance. There were these pagans who felt threatened by God’s people camped nearby, and rightly so, for they would not cooperate with them. They had seen another people’s demise for not cooperating with God’s people and they feared their God.

The Bible says that the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and is wisdom. But that is not the case for those not chosen of God. They do not become wise. As in this case, instead of attaining salvation and joining them, they sought after Balaam to destroy them.

In their ignorance, or lack of wisdom that only comes from God, they believed Balaam could get God to do what they asked Balaam to have God do. After all, Balaam could have an audience with the LORD when he desired to speak with Him and Balaam Prophet-ed financially from them, by approaching God with their requests.

The pagans did not even have enough understanding, which also comes from the LORD, to accept it when Balaam told them he could not change God's mind. So they tried to persuade Balaam by lavishing him with gifts and by giving him a position of authority. They believed his attempt would be worth the investment and by their persuasion they could get their desired results. And Balaam took advantage of their ignorance for profit.

Balaam truly was a Prophet. And Balaam truly could have conversations with God. He would talk to God and God would talk to him. But unfortunately for Balaam, God talked to him in the same manner as he talked to Cain. Both did not serve God in his decreed order.

This is abuse of privilege at the highest level. Well, maybe almost. Balaam was a problem because he profited from the ignorance of pagan's. God would never listen to them anyway. They serve gods of their own creation and imagination, gods that do not exist. There is only one God in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

But wait a minute. Let’s think about this for a while. Perhaps a Prophet that profits financially from believers is even a greater abuse of privilege. In fact, if that prophet is not a Prophet after all but a false prophet he is in big trouble. It will be worse for him than if a millstone were tied around his neck if he were to harm one of God’s children. There is prophecy that states that there has and will be false prophets, teachers of error, and false Christ's, until the end of the age.

Do you study the Bible as you have been instructed to do, to show yourself to God and others, and to show yourself that you are in fact approved of God? Are you in a constant state of refinement as you come into greater knowledge of his word? 
We must all be teachable.

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